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Starwagon Entertainment works in every phase of the creative process.  From composition to product, Starwagon Entertainment does it all.  Music production, recording and publishing are all part of the services offered to our artists.  Contact us today to learn about how we can serve you!  

Proudly Managing the following artist

Jeremy Crady

There's a striking duality to newcomer Jeremy Crady, a sense that competing or contradictory energies have somehow settled into an uneasy peace in his artistic vision. But as Smoke Wagon Serenade unfolds, those seeming divergent themes begin to look like perfect complements to each other. And it's amazing just how easy he makes it look. This is no forced convergence, it's simply who he is.

He's a Dallas native unafraid to speak the Texas music heresy that his music dreams must take flight in Nashville. He's a disciple of the rich but uncompromising West Texas tradition whose first and greatest musical passion is the most successful commercial recording artist in history. He's made his own independent record with a band whose work resides in more CD collections than any other in the world. He's a songwriter's writer, devoted to his craft and possessed of a keen eye for the kind of detail that makes songs play in cinemascope. And he's also an experienced performer blessed with a tenor like roughly sanded Texas pine.

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